Training Session – September 2015

Training session about principles. Applications and hands-on will be held in Hotel Campanile Part-Dieu, Lyon, France.


  • Learn the mechanisms of drugs metabolic interactions
  • Know how to predict their impact and variance factors with
  • Know how to compute a dosage adaptation
  • Understand the limits and constraints of this technique

Schedule Outline

  • Introduction
  • Concepts and principles of quantitative prediction of IAM
    • Cytochromes mediated IAM. Presentation of the DDI module of
    • Impact of CYP polymorphism on exposure. Presentation of the Polymorphism module of
    • Impact of polymorphism on IAM. Presentation of the DDI+Polymorphism module of
  • Impact of Cirrhosis
    • Impact of Cirrhosis on exposure. Presentation of the Cirrhosis module of
    • Impact of Cirrhosis on IAM. Presentation of the DDI+Cirrhosis module of
  • Clinical cases analysis
  • Closing words