A tool for model-informed drug development

DDPred is an innovative online tool that uses
an in-vivo static mechanistic model to predict
the pharmacokinetic interactions mediated by P450 cytochromes 
with hundreds of substrates and inhibitors/inducers,
and evaluate the impact of polymorphism and cirrhosis.

Discover how DDPred can help expedite your drug development process

DDPred is a new tool based on recent methodological developments


No information is stored on our server, the user keeps all of the data


The database and the functionalities are updated frequently


Extensive external validation testing ensures the reliability of each functionnality


Advice and tutorials help users make the most of DDPred


DDPred addresses the impact of CYP polymorphism, cirrhosis and immaturity


Results are available in seconds


Very limited data are needed for a run

DDPred: a tool for drug-drug interactions predictions

If you are developing a new chemical entity (NCE) and want to determine the major P450 cytochrome-mediated pharmacokinetic interactions with your NCE, DDPred can calculate the AUC ratios for all combinations of the NCE using the wide range of compounds in our internal database.

DDPred Extended allows the user to calculate the impact of the following on drugs that are metabolized by CYPs: CYP genetic polymorphisms, drug interactions combined with genetic polymorphisms, cirrhosis, drug interactions in the presence of cirrhosis, drug clearance and drug interactions in the paediatric population.

DDPred uses steady-state physiologically-based pharmacokinetic models that are based exclusively on clinical data. This avoids the issues associated with in vitro – in vivo extrapolation and scaling.